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How to Frame your Diamond Art

Framing your diamond art is a wonderful way to showcase your masterpiece and add a touch of elegance to your home decor. Here are several methods you can use to frame your diamond painting:

  1. Standard-Sized Frame:

    • Choose a standard store-bought frame that complements your decor.
    • Trim your diamond painting canvas to fit the frame (if needed).
    • Skip the glass to preserve the sparkle of the diamonds.
  2. Stretcher Bars:

    • Stretcher bars are wooden frames used by artists.
    • Stretch the completed canvas over the wooden pieces, creating a three-dimensional look.
    • Attach wall-mounting hardware for easy hanging.
  3. Glue it to an Art Canvas:

    • Use a blank canvas from a craft store.
    • Spread craft glue evenly on the back of the canvas.
    • Stretch your diamond painting over the canvas and staple it in place.
    • Hang and admire your flawless design.

Remember to choose a method that suits your style and preferences. Happy framing! 🎨💎

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